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Caitlin Freeman

Caitlin Monroe and Linden Pepper - ringleader.JPG

A pastry chef and former small business owner who has no business being in the clothing business, Caitlin had her epiphany about children’s feminism when taking a year off to raise her infant daughter. Knowing what she didn’t know, she gathered a team of supremely talented, fierce feminist mamas to fill a niche in the kids clothing market that she couldn’t find for her own daughter.


Beth Miles

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A longtime womenswear & childrenwear's designer, Beth was Founder & Creative Director of Ses Petites Mains, the critically acclaimed, domestically-manufactured childrenswear collection that celebrated the temporalness of childhood, in beautiful heirloom-like fabrics & modern shapes.   

Beth strongly believes that beautiful clothing and strong feminist messages aren’t mutually exclusive but rather, the combo sets the stage for greatness.


Our Collaborators

Carrie Hansen

Carrie henry and alba - fabric design.JPG


A textile designer, artist, and rock and roll drummer, Carrie has created the most beautiful fabrics for Girls Up Front that find the balance between fierce and accessible, for even the most girly of girls.


Ericka McConnell

Ericka and Flora - photog.jpg

Watching Ericka capture these images for Girls Up Front was a sight to behold: Entertaining, wrangling, and motivating wiggly babies, unruly toddlers, and giddy young girls, while keeping the focus on capturing beautiful images that set the tone for our whole collection. She's a marvel!


Joy Opfer

Joy and otto - graphics.jpeg

Joy is a graphic designer, a jeweler, an interior designer, and a full time mom. We asked Joy to create a logo when Girls Up Front was not much more than a few sketches in a notebook, and she captured tone and trajectory, translated that into a simple graphic image, and then presented it during a meeting where we each had one eye on the computer screen, and one eye on unruly toddlers. A super mom, indeed.